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Heyer Plastering Co., Inc. (314) 961-7733

Heyer Plastering Co., Inc. is a third-generation company founded in 1940 in Kirkwood, Missouri, by Elmer H. Berg Sr., who was the grandfather of present-day owner Thomas P. Heyer. The original name of the company was Berg Plastering Co.

Tom’s dad, Robert J. Heyer, worked for his father-in-law, Elmer Berg, starting in the 1950’s and took over the company in 1977, changing the name to Heyer Plastering. Tom’s dad was a plasterer for 45 years before retiring in 1995, when Tom took over. The company is based in Webster Groves, Missouri.

  • Water damage patch 1
    Water damage patch 1
  • Water damaged patch 2
    Water damaged patch 2
  • Water damage patch 3
    Water damage patch 3
  • Water damage patch 4
    Water damage patch 4

While homes are no longer fully plastered as they once were, St. Louis has many older, plastered homes. Tom’s specialty is plaster and drywall repair, almost exclusively in small jobs because he works alone. When a plumber knocks a hole in plaster or drywall, for example, Tom patches the hole to a paint-ready condition. His work is neat and clean, and he repairs plaster and drywall without needing to sand. Therefore, it’s not necessary to seal off rooms from the dust that the sanding process creates.

Tom learned the plaster trade from both his grandfather and father, and much of his work comes from referrals. Tom can provide many supporting testimonials about his work.  He works primarily in the mid-St. Louis County area and on indoor repairs.  Tom’s company is insured and specializes in small plaster and drywall repairs such as:

  • water damage repairs
  • plumbing access holes
  • texture matching
  • crown molding repair